Ashurst in Kent

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(Miraculous Carving)
Location: 51.129711,0.155676
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Ashurst Kent - St Martins Church

Ashurst in Kent lies on the A264 Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead road, its name is probably derived from the Anglo Saxon Aesc hurst - the ash wood.

In the 14th century a local carpenter created a carving that the local priest proclaimed to be miraculous. This drew in thousands of pilgrims which significantly helped the local economy, in 1524 Sir Martin Christopher left his rings and broaches to the carving.

Ashurst Kent - The villageAshurst in Kent is found by driving down the A264 from Tunbridge Wells and the best views are facing down towards the railway bridge from the church.
Ashurst Kent - Looking down the HillThe village only has a few local services. Tunbridge Wells about 5 miles east provides the nearest large town facilities.
Ashurst is shown as the red symbol on the map.

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