Denton in East Sussex

Google map showing area surrounding Denton
(Earl Godwins Manor)
Location: 50.801505,0.060354
General Details

Denton in East Sussex lies just off the Newhaven to Eastbourne coastal road just outside Seaford. It has a very pretty centre with its flint built church, manor house and other buildings dating from the 1600's, this is surrounded by many new developments.

Denton was on the course of a Secondary Roman road which travelled from Newhaven over the downs via Alciston to the Lewes to Pevensey main Roman road.

The village was there in Saxon times with a charter for the church land dating from 801AD. The Manor was held by Earl Godwin the father of King Harold II who was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 .

The village was a fishing village throughout the centuries with the sea coming much further inland , the Sea Level has dropped and Denton now lies inland .

There is no mention of Denton in the Domesday book , and it is likely that it was destroyed by the Normans during the Saxon Rebellion of 1068 .

During the English Civil War, the parliamentary cavalry used the church as stables, the church was re-consecrated after they left.

In 1784 the first toll bridge was built across the river Ouse to Newhaven and the residents of Denton were allowed free passage, as they had had free use of the ferry, probably as they helped run it.

Denton was the home of Ralph Reader, the boy scout leader who started and ran the gang shows of the 50's and 60's .

The centre of Denton in East Sussex has some very pretty flint built buildings including the church and the manor house.

All around lie the Downs, as the village lies in a valley, if you travel up the hills the views are magnificent.
Denton in East Sussex is quite a large village, and has quite a few local services.

The nearest large shopping centre is at Newhaven about 3 miles to the west. Nearby Seaford provides further services, and coastal resort facilities.
Denton is shown as the red symbol on the map.

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