Etchingham in East Sussex

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(The oldest Brass Weather Vane in the country)
Location: 51.009022,0.438991
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View of the church facing North

Etchingham in East Sussex was one of the first Anglo Saxon settlements in the area long before the Norman conquest in 1066 . The manor was taken over by the Normans, and in 1166 it was left to the De Achyngham family, who took their name from the place and were well known landowners.

The site was probably a manorial court site, not the De Achyngham living accomodation, which was at Udimore .

The manor used to stand at the point the main London Hastings train station is currently located.

The current church was built next to the manor probably in the 1358, when pope Innocenti VI directed that a burial ground be consecrated at Etchingham. The main road in the village was a major military supply highway during the napoleonic wars taking iron products manufactured in the area towards Dover.

The 19th century artist Henry Corbould (the designer of the Penny Black) is is buried in the churchyard. He was travelling from Hastings to London when he was taken ill at Hurst Green where he died, and was buried at Etchingham which was the local parish Church.

Finally the oldest brass weather vane in England is to be found on the Church Spire, in 1990 it was the inspiration for the design of a special postmark organised by the village to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Postage Stamp. The church also has the largest series of Misericords in Sussex, apart from those in Chichester Cathedral. A Misericord is a 'comfort' ledge under tip up seats designed to give a little support to those who had to stand there for long periods.

The Parish Council have provided some of their history on their pages 'Click

At the Centre of the VillageFrom the station walk towards Hurst Green across the wide Rother Valley, and look North. The view across this low lying land towards the distant hills is magnificent. The place where you are now standing used to be regularly flooded to a depth of 3 to 4 feet in the winter even until the 1970's when water extraction reduced the Rother to a mere trickle.
The village signThe main London to Hastings Train Line stops in the village providing a 1 hour 10 minute journey to Cannon Street and Charing Cross. This service runs approximately every 20 minutes in the rush hour, and hourly in between.

An infrequent bus service stops in the village and travels to Heathfield and Hurst Green for further connections.

Various small shops are available in the village.

The main shopping centres are in Hastings and Tunbridge Wells , with a minor one in Battle .
Etchingham is shown as the red symbol on the map.

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