Newhaven in East Sussex

Google map showing area surrounding Newhaven
Location: 50.793070,0.045574
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Nearby Villages

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Alciston (Fifty thousand tiles on the Barn)4.71 miles
Alfriston (Smuggling and Ghosts)4.98 miles
Arlington (Peaceful Saxon Village)7.43 miles
Berwick (Sharpen your arrows on the Church)5.14 miles
Bishopstone (Largest Tide-Mill in Sussex)1.90 miles
Denton (Earl Godwins Manor)0.88 miles
East Blatchington (Mutiny and the Edge of Space)2.58 miles
Exceat (Alfred the Great's Naval Base?)4.83 miles
Litlington (Secret marriage of George IV)4.90 miles
Lullington (destroyed by Cromwell ??)5.18 miles
Seaford (The cormorants or shags)2.79 miles
Selmeston (Tomb to store the Contraband)5.59 miles
Tarring Neville (The Chest from the Spanish Armarda)1.67 miles
Wilmington (The Long Man)6.64 miles
Firle (Home of the Greengage)4.07 miles
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