Vines Cross in East Sussex

Google map showing area surrounding Vines Cross
(Cannons and Doodlebugs)
Location: 50.937494,0.266536
General Details

Vines Cross in East Sussex is a small village lying between Old Heathfield , Horam and Herstmonceux in a fairly sparsely populated area.

The valley to the north was a major cannon manufacturing area, with the remnants of the old dam which provided power still visible to the east from the Old Heathfield road. One of the old farms, Boring House Farm further downstream shows where the cannons were bored to the correct bore diameter.

During the Second World War , Vines Cross had the dubious honour of being the second village in the area to be hit by bombs and doodlebugs . Streeton Nursery at Vine Cross was hit by a bomb on 17th July 1944, and Riverdale Nursery at Horam was hit by a doodlebug 16th June 1944.

Vines Cross in East Sussex is on top of a hill, and the views across the valley towards Warbleton is magnificent.

On the Rushlake Green road, the old farm with its duckpond, ducks and geese is a picture on a sunny day.
Vines Cross in East Sussex has a few services with its garage and post office, the public house and a plant nursery providing for the locals.

The nearest main shopping centre is at Heathfield about 3 miles north west. Trains are not located very close, but can be caught at Polegate about 8 miles to the south or Stonegate a similar distance to the north.
Vines Cross is shown as the red symbol on the map.

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